Glasson Marine Services

Boat Repairs


If things go wrong and unfortunately you find yourself with some structural damage to your boat, our team are very well regarded for their experience in boat repairs.  Our staff are time-served painters, riggers, coded welders, with in depth knowledge of fibreglass and structural repairs.  They are more than craftsmen.

We provide a fair, free, no obligation estimate.  Should unforeseen works arise, we will let you know before we address them and will only address them with your undertaking.

We will make a commitment to complete the required work within a timescale and will keep you informed of progress.

You have the opportunity to check our work before we hand your vessel back to you.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our craftsmanship, our in depth knowledge and our commitment to ensuring your vessel is returned to you in pristine condition.  With our mobile services, we can bring our repair works to you.

Glasson Marine boat repairs